Friday, June 16, 2006



Kenya is known as the safari supermarket. In 1994, however, though it was already crowded, it seemed still enjoyable. Twelve years later, as far as we can imagine from the huge amount of safari offers at sale on travel agencies, things might be much worse.

"FRESH AIR from the top of the van"

"LEOPARD - It's hard to see, but there was a leopard on the tree..."

"THOMSON GAZELLE - named after explorer Joseph Thomson - is one of the most well known gazelles living in Africa, particularly in the Masai Mara region of Kenya and the Serengeti region of Tanzania"

"LUNCH BREAK with a view, at the open air restaurant of the Hotel"

"AFTERNOON SAFARI, before the rain. There are always some flamingos around"

"ZEBRAS - There are several species of zebras; these seem to be members of one of the «plains» species"

"RHINO - There are also some white and black rhinos in the park, which was declared a sanctuary for the protection of these endangered animals in 1987, when there were only two resident black rhinos"



"AMAZING! The video recording of the giraffes wandering in the fields is superb. The photos, anyhow, do capture much of the elegance of the movement..."



"BACK HOME for the night, to see the Southern Cross - Crux, they call it..."

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guida said...

Superb ballet! That's the word! Among the hundreds of photos shot by us and by our friends, may be these ones with the giraffes were the most beautiful. The light at that time of the day - end of the afternoon - was absolutely perfect. Those photos and films were the best memory we took with us! The colors of Africa!