Thursday, March 29, 2007



"FALSE BAY - Sixty kilometres south-west of Cape Town, the rocks and cliffs cut deep into the ocean to split False Bay from the colder waters of the western seaboard. It seems that this coast was Cape Town's first fashionable bathing area, particularly as it is said the water is five degrees warmer that on freezing Atlantic Coast"

"BOULDERS BEACH - A sanctuary for the African Penguin. Almost 3000 jackass penguins, so called because their call resembles the bray of a donkey, live around False Bay"

"BABOONS - Kings of the roads"

"CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (Portuguese: Cabo da Boa Esperança), the best-known of the southern African capes, is the most south-westerly point on the African continent but not its southernmost point; this is 150 kilometres south-east at Cape Agulhas, where the two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic «meet». However, the rounding of the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 by Bartholomew Dias was the an important milestone in the Portuguese attempts to establish a sea route to the Far East (which was concluded by Vasco da Gama in 1498)"

"CAPE POINT - A trip to Cape Point is a must for any Cape Town visitor!"




Tuesday, March 13, 2007



"THE COMPANY'S GARDENS at the top of Adderley Street as laid out on order of the Dutch-East India Trading Company by Jan van Riebeeck to assure vegetables for Cape Town inhabitants. Today it is a large public park and botanical garden"

"MUSEUM - The South African Museum, the oldest museum in South Africa, was founded in 1825, and in 1897 moved to its present building at the top of the Company's Gardens. Here you may see the remarkable fossilized human footprint - about 117 000 years old - and the «Lynton Panel», one of the most extraordinary stone-artworks of the San people. The South African Museum shows hundreds of different species, and the view towards the Table Mountain on its back is fantastic. In particular when the table is set with a white towel..."

"PARLIAMENT - Houses of Parliament: Plans were initially designed by Charles Freeman but later - when it was found that the foundations were inadequate - were amended by Henry Greaves. The building incorporated a high central dome, Corinthian porticos and pavilions at the four corners. The foundation stone was laid in 1875 and in 1884 the Houses of Parliament were completed"

"DOWNTOWN - Back to Long Street, I believe..."

"GREENMARKET SQUARE, with the original cobblestones still in place, hosts a flea market with closely packed stalls. The Square is flanked by restaurants and on one of its sides by the Old Town House, which started out as the Burgher Watch House and is now an art gallery"

"THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT WATERFRONT is situated between Robben Island and Table Mountain in the heart of Cape Town's working harbour. Set against a backdrop of magnificent sea and mountain views, one can park, shop, meet, work, holiday, play, berth and even live at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront..."


"PORTUGUESE PARTY - Cape Town has an important Portuguese community, mainly from Madeira Island. The community holds some parties and every month there is a dinner of the Portuguese Association «ACADEMIA DO BACALHAU» («Cod Fish Academy», the second oldest in the World, I think), where the traditional dried cod fish is eaten"


"SUNSET, with Table Mountain"