Thursday, March 29, 2007



"FALSE BAY - Sixty kilometres south-west of Cape Town, the rocks and cliffs cut deep into the ocean to split False Bay from the colder waters of the western seaboard. It seems that this coast was Cape Town's first fashionable bathing area, particularly as it is said the water is five degrees warmer that on freezing Atlantic Coast"

"BOULDERS BEACH - A sanctuary for the African Penguin. Almost 3000 jackass penguins, so called because their call resembles the bray of a donkey, live around False Bay"

"BABOONS - Kings of the roads"

"CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (Portuguese: Cabo da Boa Esperança), the best-known of the southern African capes, is the most south-westerly point on the African continent but not its southernmost point; this is 150 kilometres south-east at Cape Agulhas, where the two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic «meet». However, the rounding of the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 by Bartholomew Dias was the an important milestone in the Portuguese attempts to establish a sea route to the Far East (which was concluded by Vasco da Gama in 1498)"

"CAPE POINT - A trip to Cape Point is a must for any Cape Town visitor!"





Ming_the_Merciless said...

Brilliant photo. Is Cap Point the southern most tip of the African continent?

Thanks for adding me to your link.

Trotter said...

Hi Ming,

The southernmost point is 150 kilometres south-east from Cape Point at Cape Agulhas, where the two oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic «meet»...
Your link is in the main Blogtrotter (from November 2000)...

Sue's Daily Photos said...

You were at or close to the Southernmost point in SA - I'm living at the Southernmost point from the U.S.:)
By the way: Interesting blog and nice pictures! I wish I could travel around all over like you did...Thanks for your kind comment on my blog about the clouds.There were no red sunset at all on that day...that's why tey are blue - my favorite color.:-))

GMG said...

Hi Sue, thanks for the visit and the comment. Actually, I've also been at the Southernmost point from the U.S. - the Republic of Key West :))
One day I'll post some photos of it, though much of the souvenirs are recorded in video...