Sunday, June 04, 2006



After one day in Nairobi, and a night sleep at the Norfolk, we met our driver and guide for the Kenyan Safari. We left the bulk of our luggage at the Hotel deposit, most of the valuables at their safe - though the excitement was so much that I forgot to wait for the receipt that were going to hand to me -, and took the road. Actually, an amazing experience taking into account the famous expertise of Kenyan drivers, namely of the crowded bus and truck drivers...

"ON THE ROAD - Water and technical stop, with the compulsory souvenirs"

"ABERDARE COUNTRY CLUB - Lunch stop with some bananas"

"SYDNEY POLLACK'S FOLLOWER - Enjoying the views, including Mount Kenya"

"ABERDARE COUNTRY CLUB - The main building, originally called «Steep», was built in the 1930's as the private residence of a wealthy English family, and had 6 bedrooms. The views are incredible and the charm unbeatable"

"THE ARK, a tree-lodge shaped to resemble the Ark, was opened in November 1969, and overlooks the Yasabara waterhole, the largest salt-lick in the Aberdare Mountains. It has several decks as well as a ground-level bunker, which provide good views of the animals visiting the waterhole, and excellent photo opportunities, in particular by night when the waterhole is lit up"

"THE ARK LOUNGE - Afternoon tea with a view..."

"THE ARK ROOM - Nice and comfortable, with an alert system that allowed us to see a leopard during the night. It is worth to remember that many people come to Kenya and Tanzania to see the Big Five - Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo and Leopard - and keep coming, as they do not manage to catch the leopard..."

"BIRDS - Start with the smaller..."

"BUFFALOS - Muddy waters..."



"WAITING FOR BREAKFAST - It was cold outside..."


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