Friday, May 05, 2006




"HOTEL TROPICAL DAS CATARATAS - The Tropical Iguaçu Falls Hotel, the only one located within the Iguaçu Falls National Park area, is a very nice and convenient hotel to visit the Falls. Installed in a colonial style building with beautiful gardens, the view from some of the rooms to the waterfalls is spectacular. Anyhow, attention to the weather; though it is Brazil, it can be really cold in July and August"

"IGUAÇU FALLS, BRAZILIAN SIDE - Most of the Falls are on the Argentinean side, so the best view is from the Brazilian side. Depending of the time of the year, one can see as many as 275 separate waterfalls cascading along the edges of 2,700 meters of cliffs - the number of Falls always depending on the actual volume of water. The biggest attraction is "Devil's Throat" (last photo), where the largest volume of water passes making a strong and impressive roar"

"IGUAZU FALLS - ARGENTINEAN SIDE - UPPER CIRCUIT - From the Upper Circuit the visitor can see the top of the Argentinean Falls, San Martin Island and part of the Brazilian side of the Falls"

"IGUAZU FALLS - ARGENTINEAN SIDE - LOWER CIRCUIT - The Lower Circuit is a 1,300 meter long loop trail that allows the visitor to see the various smaller Argentinean waterfalls"

"THE THREE BORDERS - Approximately 23 kilometers from Iguassu Falls, the waters that flow through the largest series of waterfalls on Earth flow into the Parana River, and serve as borders between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay!"

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