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A beautiful town! It seems that it has been voted the "Best City in the Americas" for 2004 and 2005 by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, based on the categories of ambience, friendliness, culture and sites, restaurants, lodging, and shopping. Even if one suspects of these kind of votes, the fact is that the honour is well deserved!

It all started around 1592, when the Spaniards were exploring Canada's west coast. Spain claimed the west coast of North America by virtue of the Treaty of Tordesilhas, concluded in 1494 with the Portuguese, and which divided Earth in two hemispheres: one for Portugal, the other for Spain; everything blessed by the Pope!...

In 1792, British Captain George Vancouver arrived. He discovered the Spanish had already claimed the place, and met with Spanish captains Valdez and Galiano at Spanish Banks, one of Vancouver's best beaches. Later, Vancouver was created to become one of Canada's most beautiful places.

TOTEMS - On Stanley Park there are eight totem poles. Each one has a story to tell"

"MOUNTAINS - Seen from Stanley Park, Vancouver's first park and an oasis of 400 hectares just by Vancouver's downtown"

"EXPO 1986 - The site of the Expo, whose theme was «World in Motion - World in Touch». On May 2nd, 2006 Vancouverites celebrated the 20th anniversary of the opening of Expo 86"

"SCIENCE WORLD - The first photo was digitalized from the 1993 paper photo; the second from the photo negative: amazing differences...

"PLAZA OF NATIONS - The heart of Expo 86. Located on the False Creek waterfront, the Plaza of Nations consists of a giant covered public plaza, the glass-framed BC Enterprise Hall, a mini-forest, a marina, and shops and restaurants"

"MONORAIL - Built to link the site of the Expo to Canada's Pavilion, the Sky Train seems to have been working well up to now"

"CANADA PLACE - Situated on the Burrard Inlet waterfront, it was originally built as Canada's pavilion for the Expo 86. It houses now the Vancouver Convention Centre, the Pan Pacific Hotel, and the first in the world IMAX 3D theatre. It is also the main cruise ship terminal, where most of Vancouver's famous cruises to Alaska depart or arrive. We disembarked there, from Ms Volendam, in August 2002. The white sails of the building are a reference for Vancouver, and allow comparisons with the Sydney Opera House"

"PAN PACIFIC HOTEL - Luxury at the Harbour"

"HYATT REGENCY - Nice hotel, and nice views"

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