Sunday, May 25, 2008



"OLD TOWN (Staré Mesto) SQUARE - The historic square is located between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge and is probably the most popular meeting place in Prague. The Memorial in the centre was erected in 1915 to mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Jan Hus, a religious reformer who was burned at the stake for his beliefs"

"TYN CATHEDRAL - A Church of Our Lady in front of Týn has been in the old square of Prague since the 11th century; the current late gothic church dates from the 14th century. The towers are 80 m high and topped by four small spires"

"PRAGUE ORLOJ (The Astronomical Clock) - The Orloj, mounted on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall, is composed of three main components: the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky; «The Walk of the Apostles», a clockwork hourly show of figures of the Apostles; and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months"

"JOSEFOV - The former Jewish Ghetto is the smallest cadastral area of Prague, entirely within the old town. It seems that the first Jews arrived in Prague on the 11th century"

"OLD JEWISH CEMETERY - It is estimated that there are 12,000 graves in the cemetery, the oldest preserved tombstone (Avigdor Kara) dating back to 1439"

"NEW TOWN (Nové Mesto), founded in 1348 by Charles IV just outside the old city walls, is the youngest and largest of the five towns that today comprise the historic centre of modern Prague. In 1378, a census found that Prague had 40,000 inhabitants making it the fourth most populated city north of the Alps after Paris, Ghent and Bruges, and the third largest city in Europe in area after Rome and Constantinople"

"WENCESLAS SQUARE was the Horse Market place in the Middle Age; it is now named after the patron saint of Bohemia. Wenceslas Square is the historical landmark of the New Town and a traditional setting for demonstrations, celebrations, and other public gatherings"

"GRAND HOTEL EUROPA - Built in 1889 at the Wenceslas Square, it was rebuilt in Art Nouveau style between 1903 and 1905 to appear in many films..."

"HOTEL PARIS - Built in 1904 in the Art Nouveau style, just a couple blocks from the Old Town Square"

"U FLEKU, a large pub, restaurant and brewery, is the finest example of all the traditional Czech pubs in Prague, from the architectural point of view. Located in an ancient building dating from 1499, U Fleku has a brewery museum installed in the former malt house"

"MASARYK QUAI - Beautiful houses from the early 20th century with a beautiful view of the river and towards the castle"

"THE DANCING HOUSE (or Drunk House) was designed by Croatian-born Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with Frank Gehry. Originally named Fred and Ginger (after Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers) the house stands out among the Neo-Baroque, Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau buildings of the nearby Masaryk Quai"

"CUBIST HOUSE - In the Vysehrad district, near the River Vltava"

"VYSEHRAD - The castle was built in the 10th century, on a hill over the Vltava River and within its limits is the Cathedral of Saint Paul and Peter, as well as a cemetery, containing the remains of many famous people from Czech history"


"TYROLEAN AIRLINES - An exciting experience for the (however learned) young traveller... "


Cuckoo said...

I liked the dancing house very much and your daughter is a lovely chirpy lady.


Anonymous said...

Prague is a really beauty. and you captured wonderfully

indicaspecies said...

I've always wished to go to Prague, hope I get to - someday! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.:)

Trotter said...

Thanks. Di was twelve when we went to Prague; she is a bit older now...

Thanks! You're right about the beauty of Prague!

I'm sure I'll see some pictures of you in Prague, sooner or later... ;)

JO said...


I love the cemetary picture! Very cool! Cemetaries are so interesting to me. My hubby would like one of those beers... Yum!

Happy travels to you.

Trotter said...

That was a great trip! And Prague is a wonderful city!

Melanie said...

I love the clock and the cemetary pictures. Prague looks great!! One day I will visit there. Thanks for sharing!!

Trotter said...

Prague is a beautiful city, so your decision is a great one... ;)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Prague is wonderful place sooo nice....and your photo technique is wonderful

Trotter said...

Thanks! Prague is actually unique...

raccoonlover1963 said...

I am repaying your visit. Great pictures and a very educational blog. Are you sure you're in law and not a history teacher?

Trotter said...

Thanks! Law indeed... ;))

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

where were you sir......still i am seeing your good prague photos

Trotter said...

Sorry for being a little late in updating Blogtrotter 90s. I'll try to Rome 1997 asap!

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

In Hyderabad (India)also Just like a "PRAGUE ORLOJ (The Astronomical Clock) In this a man came at 12'o clock and rang a bell 12 times and he go back inside the clock...It will repeat every hour...nice

trotter said...

I've to get to Hyderabad one day, and to India again... ;)

Andre said...


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GMG said...

Thanks for your comment. I tried to reach your blog but the profile wasn't available. As for the travel community it seems a bit more for photographers (whom I'm not), rather than for travellers... ;)
Anyhow, thanks for the invitation!
My main blog now, in case you may be interested is Blogtrotter. Have a great holiday season!

henny said...

I really enjoyed your family tour. Feels like I was in, too. How old was and is your daughter?

Trotter said...

Glad to read you here! It was a nice tour; our daughter was 12 then, 24 now... Time goes by... ;))

joo said...

I'm happy to see you've visited and enjoyed Prague, which is one of my favourites places in the world!

Trotter said...

You certainly have a very good taste!

Ron said...

Awesome post again. Prague looks amazing. You have very lovely models in your pics.

Trotter said...

Thirteen years ago, twenty pounds less; at least... ;)