Saturday, December 23, 2006



In May, I went back to New York for a trust meeting and profited to revisit old friends and see some new places. This time I did not stay, as I usually did, at the Drake, but quite close anyhow at the Four Seasons - 57 on 57 Street - which I had actually seen getting up from my room at the Drake.
The Pei designed hotel is fantastic and the room - on the 49th floor I believe - with a fabulous view west and northwest to Central Park, a jacuzzi and windows all over the place was unbeatable. Maybe the view from the suite on the top floor of the former Regent, now Intercontinental Hotel in Hong-Kong could match!
Unfortunately, there are neither photos nor videos, which is a shame...


In June, once again I went to New York on my way to a meeting in DC. From this trip, with the return via London, there is a one-hundred minute video. However, the photos are very scarce... I leave some of them here for the memory

"GROUP PHOTO - All these guys and galls attended the meeting at the historic Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel - «Washington's second best address»..."

"ALEXANDRIA - Some of us went to Alexandria for dinner. Here one can see part of the Portuguese and Spanish delegations"

"GREEK RESTAURANT - Dinner was at a Greek restaurant, with lots of yelling - OPA - and broken dishes..."

"THE MALL - Early evening short walk..."


Anonymous said...

I love seeing your photos. I know what you mean about not having photos. Often when I traveled, I only took videos, but they don't translate well to a blog.

My Father often tells me about the time he was stationed in the Azores when he was in the United States Navy. He loved the Portuguese people. I hope to be able to visit Portugal one day.

Best Regards and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

GMG said...

Thanks John.
I was born in Madeira, and lived in Azores for eight months when I was five. That was in 1954/1955, and I remember to see the Base and to hear people talking about the products that could be bought from there...
I returned in 1979, and posted some of the photos on Blogtrotter Revival - The 70's at
Let me know when you're coming to Portugal.
All the best!