Saturday, August 05, 2006



It seems that after God had finished creating the world, there were still some diamonds left. So it is said that he came to the Indian Ocean and decided to create something marvellous: dropped the diamonds in the sea, and the Seychelles were born!

"CAREFULL - We are preparing for landing..."

"ARRIVAL - Getting in from Mahe with only one pilot in the cockpit was interesting. Fortunately, the plane flight was only a short 15 minute one! Also, only 10Kgs of luggage per capita were allowed: actually there was no need for more..."

"WELCOME DRINK - Fresh coconut water supply!"

"TIME TO REST - The wake up call in Nairobi was early; the departure from Nairobi was around 6 a.m. No wonder one would be sleepy..."

"JEEP - Driving on the left on the Praslin's roads (?) was an exciting experience! It was difficult to match the speed of the turtles..."

"BAIE STE. ANNE - One of the villages in Praslin"

"SHOP at Grande Anse, the other village, in Praslin. Actually there are only five thousand inhabitants in the whole island..."

"ISLAND TOUR - Nice views towards the sea"

"BEACHES - That's what one comes here for..."

"ROCKS - These look like La Digue!"

"ANSE LAZIO - The best beach in Praslin, and probably in the Seychelles. It was very hard to get there, but fortunately it had a restaurant, so that there was no need to go out for lunch and come back..."

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