Sunday, February 12, 2006


JUNE 92 - EXPO'92 took place in Sevilla from April, 20th to October 12th 1992!

"The Visiting Group from Algarve to Sevilla"

"The photographer at the Japanese Pavillion"

"Totem at the Canadian Pavillion"

"Fakes! whatever you wish, you get"

"Globe - The United Nations Pavillion"

"Lights and views"

"PALA - The Pala from Alvaro Siza for the Expo 98 in Lisbon is much more interesting!"

"EEC Pavillion - Flags from the 12"

"Avenue of Europe. Twelve towers remembering the cheminees of the the Alhambra in Granada represent the members of the EEC"

"Monorail - introducing new technologies"

"Central Avenue"

Morocco Pavillion"


guida said...

AI QUE CALOR!!! E tantas colas al sol de mas de 30 grados...

Trotter said...

Hi, welcome back to the comments!
Hours waiting to enter the Canadian Pavillion and the IMAX cinema...

Di said...

Expo 92 was funny, but really nothing compared to our successful 1998 exposition in Lisbon! Learning from "nuestros hermanos" mistakes we did a much better job! Come and check how the area looks now!

Dsole said...

oh what a nice surprise!
I was there when I was 10 years old! (as Iwas born in 1982) But I remeber the hot weather and the big ice-cream I ate! ;)

Trotter said...

Hi Dsole,
Di was 8, and my nephews Pedro 9, and João, the oldest of the children team, 13! It was hot and the waiting times were huge, but there were many nice to see...
We had a good time!